After gradating from a musicology masters in 2010, he is admitted in a professional masters program called MAAAV (Scoring for Visual Arts) in Lyon where he discovers more concretely what film scoring really entails. Through his many collaborations with prestigious schools (Emil Cohl, ESIA 3D and Supinfocom), he composes his firsts scores for short films.

He integrates the music to picture class at CNSMD (Superior National Conservatory of Music and Dance) where he keep on developing his own language and feeling about image.

He’s also awarded for workshops such as « Third Character », « Trio », « Music Village » in Les Arcs or the Masterclass of Composition in Aubagne Festival.

He is prizewinner of CIMFA  2013 (Concours International de Composition sur Film d’Animation) in Annecy animation festival and the prestigious « Plume de Cristal » prize at the Marathon of Composition to Picture at the Screenwriter Festival in Valencia in 2015.

The music of Captain Fish (short movie) is awarded in Croq’Anim (Festival du Film d’Animation de Paris) in 2015.

Today, he works for cinema, video games, sound and light spectacles and theatre.